Coming with the new iPhone xS, iOS 12 also aroused Apple users interests. It added several new features such as the brand new map design, enhanced Siri function, Facebook integration and so on to recover deleted messages from iphone. With so many brand new and excellent functions, I guess you just can’t wait to upgrade your current iOS to the latest iOS 12. However, iOS upgrading is not so easy. You must back up all the important data on your computer in advance.

However, for the people who mistakenly pressed the settings button and they didn’t back up the files, what should they do?

One method is to give up all the files. Another method is to find a way to retrieve them back? Can we retrieve the deleted text messages back from iPhone 4? Of course. If you make good use of this iPhone Xs MAx text message recovery tool, you can recover the lost data at ease. In fact, it could also help you retrieve back the lost photos, contacts, notes, calendars and so on.

Learn how to recover text messages from iPhone step by step

You can first get the latest version as below to scan your lost files before you buy it.

There are two ways to recover text message from iPhone 4. If you ever back up the files with iTunes, you can recover from the iTunes backup. If not, you can directly recover the lost data from your iPhone.

Directly retrieve text messages on iPhone.

1. Get your iPhone connected with the computer and run the program. You can get the below interface.

2. Set your iPhone into DFU mode before scanning.

a. Click “Start” button on your iPhone.
b. Click “Power” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.
c. After 10 seconds, please release “Power” button and still keep pressing “Home” button for another 10 seconds.
After these three steps, you will successfully enter the DFU mode. And then, the software will begin scanning your iPhone.

3. Wait a minute for the scanning and all the files will be listed in the corresponding category. If you want to recover the deleted messages, you should click “Messages” category, preview the files and choose what you want to recover. Here you should note that all the files in your iPhone 4 are displayed. If you just want to preview the deleted files, you can slide the “Only display the deleted items” button to the “On” status.

iPhone SMS messages deletion often happens. This video will show you how to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone with Free iPhone SMS recovery.


Have you ever backed up your files with iTunes? If so, you can also do it like this.

Recover text messages from iTunes backup.

1. Get your iPhone connected with the computer and run the program. When you see the main interface, please click “Recover from iTunes Backup File” item and you’ll get below another interface. All the iTunes backup files will be displayed. Select the one for your iPhone 4 and press “Start Scan” button.

2. After scanning, all the files will be displayed in the corresponding category. Choose “Messages” category, preview the files and click to recover what you want.


1. Please set your iPhone x into the flight mode and don’t use it until you find the lost data. 2. Please don’t sync your iPhone with iTunes, avoiding iTunes backup being updated.
3. To avoid losing important data, you’d better often back up your files onthe computer.