TransLock iPhone ipad ipod passcode bypassed using software-based bruteforce tool

TransLock is the name of the newest software to bypass passcode, so we are closer to compleat bypass icloud as well? well if you not restore your idevice and put in plain mode before any online connection you should do this TransLock:

TransLock isn’t just cheaper than the IP Box, but it’s faster, too. It takes just 5 seconds for the app to try each passcode, which means it would take 14 hours to try every single combination. The IP Box takes 40 seconds to try each one, which means it could take up to 110 hours.

bypass passcode iphone


The developer explains how the whole things works on his blog, so if you’re into code, you can get more details there. But for the rest of us, the demonstration video below shows how TransLock works. and will be out very soon. Alfhaily explains on his blog the device no longer disables passcode entry after 10 failed attempts. his code was able to try a pin every 5 seconds, if you do the math, that means it’ll take 14 hours at most to try every single pin possible.

the developer his working on a Mac utility that’ll automate the entire process and send the library to the device over a USB connection. He have plans to release it in the near future. We will wait TransLock iPhone ipad ipod passcode bypassed using software-based bruteforce tool.