ihacktivation4 new way to remove icloud A4 devices 

This ihacktivation4 tool is new software made by developer @silentwind827. This looks a nice tool for iphone 4 and seems use difrent method from the others and similar unlock hacktivarion tools , in many others tools we can see the most important to bypass is removing icloud files by deleting setup.app from dmg files/firmware . its possible in Iphone 4 change the boot/root with a java server software. we are waiting for the final release to try it and make it useful in iphone 4 and maybe in other m0dels will see. ihacktivation4 new way to remove icloud A4 devices 

ihacktivate4 bypass icloudihacktivation4 new way to remove icloud A4 devices

download ihacktivation4