iCloud Id from phishing attacks in Mail app

phishing void this scam

iCloud Id from phishing attacks in Mail app, phishing void this scam

Few days ago a exploit or bug was fund and share on works on all iOS 8’s Mail app.  makes it possible for malicious invidious to send fake emails to ask your iCloud username and password through a pop-up that looks very similar to the native iCloud login prompt.

This is a short demonstration of proof-of-concept attack on iOS’s e-mail client.

Apple has been notified about technical details of this vulnerability on 2015-01-15

this is the first video made and now public 6 moth after apple being notified

This week other develops start using same files with improvements, this method is very fast and very credible . to avoid this method the jailbreak community already developer a way to block this malicious popups in the Mail app. You should install DeDirect . iCloud Id from phishing attacks in Mail app.

iCloud Id from phishing attacks in Mail app



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