Best Ipad solution to unlock icloud

hardware iCloud bypass iOS 12

This means bypass by hardware method. Its the only possible method for iOS 11 and iOS12 for latest devices. Best Ipad solution to unlock icloud

update: To Any One Who Want Activation Dump From (iPad_Hardware_Bypass) Here Is It For Models (iPad2, iPad4, iPad Air) 8.1.2


Remove Icloud in all ipad 3g models its not a new process and seems be very easy thing to do,  the process is simple need to find the correct resistor r1205 r1204 ,  that will be explained in the photos the ones that actually works will be posted with all the way to do it right starting with ipad mini 3g A1455 that actually was made by me and works ok.

Best Ipad solution to unlock icloud

Best Ipad solution to unlock icloud

tools: What you will need? you need hot air station hot air gun do not use others small bits of plastic to wedge between the touch 2 small pry open tool (can get it from ebay or any plastic shop ) pencil sharpener magnify lens ( to be safe dont miss letters ) and a lot of patience not mess things, Google, youtube is the best tools to unlock icloud ipad.

The iPad mini is  A1455 doesn’t get r1205
the r1204 is on the left side of the A5 chip and the r1205 is on the top its hidden under cover of metal no need to take the logic board out important figured out the location time to remove the r1204 with air station or soldering iron 5w with a very small tip the r1205 does not exist its blank space use the pencil very sharp and draw a line between the gaps.

Best Ipad solution to unlock icloud


Do not forget do this in DFU mode its very importante this step

Other INFO about how to remoce icloud ipad 3G here 

Best Ipad solution to unlock icloud


Others hardware solutions here:



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